We don't need them or want them on our animals....we don't need them or want them in our country!!

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This is a photo of a real prong collar given to HUHA!

We took this collar from a Wellington local who was sold the device by a "Canine behaviour and training expert". She was told it would keep her dog under control when out walking.

We know these collars have been recommended and sold to many dog owners in NZ. Please help us educate and get them banned!!

We use three words to describe the use of prong collars as a training aid on dogs, lazy, ignorant and cruel!

The Animal Welfare Act 1999 code of welfare states clearly that " Pinch or prong collars must not be used" and yet prong collars are being actively recommended and sold to owners to use on their pet dogs all around New Zealand! 

The Welfare Code is a best and mimimum practice recommendation so although it advises against the use of prong collars at all...they are actually not illegal. We need to change this now! 

There is no excuse or reason to ever need such in inhumane device. Dogs are social pack animals and will defer to good leadership. The key to walking your dog is taking the time and effort to connect with them. The use of a Halti and or a clicker can be a helpful way to practice and gain that connection, but mostly it comes down to you! Ground yourself, be clear and be calm, engage with your dog and give them direction..and practice! 

So many dogs are coiled springs with what seems to be out of control boundless energy or maybe you're frustrated because they just won't listen? The problem you have walking your dog is most likely just a symptom of a much bigger issue. You need to stop and think about the day you are having...and then think about the day your dog is having. Realising that your dog has very real needs is an important penny dropping moment for any owner, and skimping on those needs has consequences. 

Enrichment, social engagement and exercise is vital. So many folk choose to walk their dog in the evening after work...but think how that effects your dog while it sits and waits and waits? Bored, frustrated and the spring coiling even tighter. Your dog just like you gets out of bed in the morning ready to start its day, but for so many their expectations just fall flat as the owner rushes out the door with the mere promise of a half hour evening trot. 

Behaviour issues start to develop from the boredom as well as lack of leadership, boundaries and routine. If your dog is unruly and deemed to hard to control, then maybe you need to have an open and honest conversation with yourself. 

The good news is that putting the time and effort into working on your relationship with your dog, together with maybe a couple of scheduled doggy day care days where your dog, like you can come home enriched socially and physically, exhausted and satisfied. ...and you can be back on track and trotting your content and connected dog down the to the park like a pro!
This advice is for folk who work from home to. Also having two dogs is not a magic fix and does not get you of the responsibility hook...maybe you have two bored dogs? Its all food for thought.

But our message to the cowboy trainers that use and recommend prong collars - don't try to forcibly control an animal, with negative and painful devices, try to work with them and find the root of the cause. If you don't improve or remove the cause we guarantee the situation will eventually boil over or explode! 

If you have a pot that is boiling over don't try to put a lid on it...turn off the flame!!