​Media Release by Annette Main, Wanganui Mayor.  13th February, 2014.

Solution in sight to ending gassing of pound dogs. Wanganui Chronicle 15th February, 2014.

HUHA, Charlotte and Jack then had a very productive meeting with the Council who sat up and listened, within 24 hours we had negotiated and problem solved. The Council were grateful for our input and expertise and agreed to stop using the gas chamber immediately. Charlotte was just one voice, but when she invited the whole of the HUHA Community to join her, the response was overwhelming

As our Community got passionately chatting, Wanganui resident Charlotte Goldsworthy was inspired to take action...she started a simple petition, 6000 signatures in just one day rallied the media, and with HUHA by her side, as well as Wanganui Councillor Jack Bullock who too had joined the cause, Charlotte spoke to the country​.


And it all started with the HUHA Community! On the 9th February, 2014 three dogs were dropped of at HUHA by a pound rescue organisation called ARAN - we were told that if they had not taken them, then the dogs would be gassed to death. We were told that this was Wanganui Pound's usual protocol. We took the dogs in and posted the story on Facebook. 

Petition calls for the banning of the gas chamber at wanganui pound